Fitness Training

Group Fitness Training

Activity+ the group fitness training program for those who want to get fit and stay fit. It’s for those who wish to gain without the pain of a “boot camp”

Welcome to Activity+

Activity+ sessions are structured to provide an all round fitness in all participants. We encourage everyone to take part in all kinds of fitness activity. Whether you are fit, or not, you will feel yourself stretched by the end of the session.

Come along to a session to find out for yourself. Your first session is a taster to see if you like what it is all about. So it is FREE. You’ve nothing to lose. One of the great things about Activity+ is the great atmosphere of friendliness and fun.

So what do you need to come along to a group fitness training session? Comfortable clothing that allows you to move around without rubbing (no jeans). A pair of trainers to keep your feet stable – no need to go for the highest priced street cred. Bring along some warm outer clothing to put on when you finish so as not to get chilled. Always be sure to have plenty of water to drink.

You will find that once you have been with us for a few weeks,attendance will become a habit. This is good because it means that you find yourself taking part in sessions without having to force yourself to come.  With Activity+ you will meet up with like minded people who will be pleased to see you and compare notes on how well you are all achieving. Activity+ is very much a togetherness event.

Unlike the “boot camp” style we do not ask you to wear coloured tops denoting your fitness level. This doesn’t mean that you are all treated the same as far as exercise goes. At Activity+ group fitness training you are often asked to choose to put  yourselves into groups A, B or C and so on. The trainers will help you to choose and they also keep an eye open for each person as an individual. The good thing about the lack of coloured tops is that nobody outside the group can tell one person from another – so no embarrassment.

Fitness with Fun

(Our philosophy)

The first thing to get straight is: Activity+ does not run Boot Camps!

All fitness is achieved through motivation and encouragement. We recognise that all our participants are intelligent adults who will learn to listen to their bodies.

It is not necessary to go to “boot camps” to get fit. We help you to get fit and then stay fit. Because people find that Activity+ group fitness training sessions are fun they keep coming to us. Don’t be fooled though. We may be gentle in our approach but our sessions are built to enable you to achieve the goals you set.

We know that many people do not attend any form of fitness sessions because they are afraid of two things. The first is that they do not look or feel at all sylph like and sporty, or have well defined muscles and others will stare at them. The second is that they feel that they will not be able to manage to complete the tasks they are set, or will be slower than everyone else, or worse still will not be able to cope at all.  All our trainers understand these feelings and do their utmost to include everybody and also only ask for what each individual is capable of at any given time.

Our participants are expected to push themselves to their limits.  They come to understand what their limits really are. Being uncomfortable or out of breath are obstacles to be pushed through. No-one is expected to push through pain.

Pain is there for a reason. It is giving a message. Real pain is saying STOP.

We treat each person as an individual and because of this we have learned over the years that different time spans will be necessary for each person attempting each exercise. By accepting this we find that it is possible for everyone to excel.

Yes, we work through programs which are probably too much for the newcomers but over the weeks they will work up through the various levels. People do not become fit athletes after just one group fitness training session.

No matter who or what our clients are (or think they are) we have always achieved  the goals they have set – provided they keep coming, of course.