Is a session hard?

Yes and no. Your trainer will set the exercise but it is up to you to put in the effort. Obviously the more effort you put in the better. The sessions are designed to give you a work out that will be valuable IF you push yourself beyond your comfort zone – but not into injury zone. Your trainer will help you to hit the right balance. You will be amazed at just what you can do when you are part of a group. We find that individuals work so much better when alongside others. As a group you can mutter to one another and yet still get on with it!

Are the Fitness Groups boot camps?

No. All our sessions are supportive and encouraging. The trainers are non aggressive,do not stand over you shouting and bullying. Don't get fooled by the gentle approach though. Activity+ Fitness Groups follow programmes which will test and stretch each individual.

I am so unfit I'm afraid I won't fit in

People who attend Activity+ Fitness sessions are all different and are all working towards their own goals. Participants tend to welcome and encourage one another,giving support as and when needed.

Supposing I can't keep up with the rest of the group

All groups are organised in such a way that each individual will be able to “keep up”. The trainer will help you to work alongside all abilities to get the best out of yourself while not overdoing any single activity. This works well for everyone involved.

I am over weight and unfit,will I be OK?

Activity+ sessions are for everyone. Each person is an individual in our Fitness Groups. So whatever your size,fitness or ability you will fit in. Your trainer will always be ready to give YOU advice and guidance. Each person works at his or her own pace and because of this everyone enjoys the sessions. This is especially so when the weight begins to drop off,the muscles tone and the great feeling of fitness comes about.

Will I have to run? I don't know if I shall like it.

Depends which group you choose. Activity+ does have groups which focus on being able to run for those who wish to train for running events or just for this type of fitness. In other fitness groups there will be a bit of running from one exercise or activity to another but these are short bursts. They will help to burn calories and help with the efficient use of your cardiovascular system. Don't worry though because our sessions incorporate many different types of exercise.

What does an Activity+ Fitness Group session involve?

Each session last for one hour and in this time will include such things as:stretching and drills,circuits,high intensity sprints,low intensity jogging,team games,body weight exercises. Each session has regular components and variations. We want you to feel the improvement while undertaking variety to stave off staleness.

How long does it take to see results?

This is a difficult one to answer. For a start,everyone is different. Then it depends upon how many sessions a week are in the programme. Two sessions a week will take longer than three sessions a week to reach the same end. However,let's say you undertake two sessions a week and at the same time follow a balanced diet as advised,then the results should begin to show within about four weeks.

What kit do I need?

Go for comfort. Tee shirt and jogging bottoms,or vest and shorts,depending on the weather and time of the year. Definitely not jeans. Wear a good pair of trainers which will provide cushioning and support. Always have a bottle of water with you as it is import that you do not become dehydrated.

What happens to my Activity+ session if it rains?

We all get wet! Fitness Groups take place whatever the weather. Just think what would happen if we stopped every time it rained – nothing! Sessions take place whatever the weather – just check your Activity+ website for your location. If there is any reason why there will be no session the trainer will notify you there. If the park is under two feet of water because the river has flooded or you can't get into the car park due to six foot snow drifts then other arrangements will have to be made.

Are there Activity+ sessions all year round?

Yes. In the winter months a good piece of equipment for each person is a head torch.

What ages attend Activity+ Fitness sessions?

At present we do not invite people under the age of 18 years. This may change in the future. The bulk of people attending are between 30 and 50 years of age,but there are younger and older.

Is there anywhere that I can leave my valuables?

We do not offer a secure place and the trainer cannot be responsible for these items. Please do not bring anything of value with you. However,the trainer will often lock keys inside his/her car although the responsibility for this is yours. Activity+ and trainers are in no way responsible.

I got an injury playing football with my kids,should I still do a session?

Depends what you have done to yourself. If you feel that you can cope without causing more problems for yourself it's OK to come. However,Activity+ takes no responsibility for any subsequent harm you may do to yourself. By attending any Activity+ session you are declaring yourself fit to workout

Why don't you have a pay as you go system?

We want everyone to achieve great results. For this they must be committed. Signing up to a full programme means that you will attend every training session. With pay as you go there is no pressure to attend. Dipping in and out of training is not the way to achieve the desired goals. We can only guarantee results if you attend ALL sessions in a particular programme and perform all the exercises and guidance set for you