About Activity Plus

Activity Plus is young company which has been set up by people experienced in both the fitness industry and in business. It is the combination of these two strands that is dedicated to building a strong brand throughout the country.

The overriding theme of Activity Plus is:

“Get Fit – Stay Fit”

Now this at first sight looks a simplistic,glib tag line. However,it does in fact encompass our aims. The intention with all our clients is for them first and foremost is to Get Fit. This covers a whole range of ideas depending upon the person thinking about it!

Simply it is being able to move about in an easy manner,being flexible and being able to breathe easily and without feeling exhausted. Then there are people who want to build on this to be able to take part in more intense exertion such as running a marathon. Yet others see fitness as being a stepping stone to weight loss in order to look good and feel good.

Then the second part:Stay Fit is very important to us. There are many other fitness businesses around who purport to get you fit but do not have in place methods to keep you fit. It is important to state here that we do not run boot camps. Boot camps are often short term fixes lasting not much more than a month at a time. They tend to be short,sharp shock treatment. Activity Plus offers an all round gradual build up of fitness which becomes part of each individual client’s lifestyle. Because of our outlook our clients rarely suffer injury and are therefore able to sustain a fitness regime/

We find that because of the way we run our fitness session many of our clients stay with us for years. Since we formally adopted this method four years ago our retention rate has been extremely high. In fact our retention rate has always been good but we didn’t realise why until we looked around at other fitness businesses and then analysed our own approach. A few years back we started putting this in writing and the outcome is now Activity Plus.

The Activity Plus method and Business Plan has worked so well that we are now ready to include others who will set up their own Activity Plus locations under licence. People who apply for licence will be tutored in the Activity Plus method and how to build this into a big business.

We have prepared a FREE report about the Activity Plus fitness training business. Request a copy now,with no obligation. As well as sending you this informative free report we will keep in touch with tips and snippets of information about the business.

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