Become a Licensee

The payment plan for a license is set out below. As you see,we are not like others. We tell you what it will cost up front so that you can make an informed decision. Either you are willing to pay out – or you are not. This way we do not waste one another’s time

Please note that this very low cost will only be in place for a limited amount of time. After this time it is likely that the costs will in fact double as Activityspreads.

£597 and then £57 per month after first two months This gives Licensees time to get their business underway before paying more. You will not find better value than this anywhere.

Initial payment brings you the entire business set up for just £597. The continuing Licensing fee begins two months after this first amount for each approved Licensee.

No matter how many groups you set up - no matter how many members you train - no matter how many trainers you have - your payment of £57 per month is all you will pay. Look at others with their franchises,they want a rake off for every member you have. We like the idea of you making a lot of money - and keeping it.

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Immediately upon receipt of initial payment:

  • The licence will be valid
  • All Activity+ logos and details may be used in line with agreements
  • Details of operation will be delivered in three parts:
    • Manual
    • Quick Start Guide
    • The Activity+ Method
  • Preparation of web pages – form for completion
  • Web pages will be ready when Licensee gives statement that s/he is prepared for start-up

Thereafter upon regular payment of £57 per month starting two months after initial payment:

  • Licence will be valid
  • Web pages will be live
  • Fees will be collected from clients
  • Prospects will be gathered and looked after with free ebook and newsletter (You are invited to submit articles and thereby show your name as being one of our expert trainers)
  • A special Licensees’ website will contain information gathered:
    • Articles from around the internet
    • Videos from around the internet
    • Research papers from medical and scientific sources. You can offer your tips and advice here.
  • Location specific Facebook Page will be produced
  • Help with design of blog – including headers and logos for your use. This will be set up specifically for you and you will be able to write on it whenever you wish.

If you have read all the information included in this website and still feel that you need to know more then please do contact us. We are happy to receive questions because we can not only answer you but also place the answer on the website for others to see (don’t worry – your name will not be mentioned!)

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