FAQs -

How long will it take me to get started?

This depends on your circumstances. If you already have a fitness business then your Activity+ sessions could be running within a week to ten days. If you are starting from scratch full time then it can be done within three weeks. Of course, if you are needing to get going part time or in your spare time then it will depend upon how much time you have to spend on your business.

It will also depend upon your Location, time of year and facilities.

What skills will I need to get started?

You will need to be a fully qualified Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor with a passion for helping people achieve and retain fitness. Activity+ provides training and support for building your passion and skills into a business.

Why shouldn’t I have my own fitness setup?

You can. However, it has been found that just because someone is good as a Fitness Instructor doesn’t mean that s/he will be any good at building a business. 80% of business start ups fail with a year and 95% within five years. With the advice and support of Activity+ you can be in the 5% who go on to be successful.

Do I need insurance?

Yes you will need insurance for yourself and any instructors that assist you will also need insurance. There are details in the Licensees’ website on obtaining this if you don't already have cover.

How much can I earn with an Activity+ business?

Well now this is a difficult question to answer. So much depends upon you and the effort you are prepared to put into your business. If you work alone then £50,000 will be a comfortable income. However,it will only be a job. If you use other Trainers to conduct the actual sessions and have two or more Locations then you will be well into the six figure annual income territory. This cannot be guaranteed,of course,and there will be fluctuations over time. What we do know is that an Activity+ business builds into BIG business.

Why does Activity+ offer a Licence rather than a Franchise?

We decided that the Franchise model would be too restrictive. If you need to have your business built for you and to be told exactly what to do and when,then we suggest you go get a job. We offer a Licence which means that we give you the business model with plenty of suggestions and advice but expect you to have flexibility and initiative. The atmosphere of our Activity+ sessions comes about mainly because our Licensees and their Trainers are happy. However,care should be taken to follow the guidelines otherwise Activity+ stops being Activity+. All our Licensees have an advantage usually only enjoyed by Franchisees and that is that we have the basic structure which will build into a good, solid business and there is ongoing support and ideas.

How can I apply to become an Activity+ Licensee?

Just click here and follow the instructions given