Activity+ Group Fitness Training is different from other opportunities you may have come across. Although every Trainer uses the same system each takes on its own atmosphere generated by the ability of the licensee to give a personal touch.

As an Activity+ Trainer you will enjoy using the well thought out and uniquely developed system that we have in place. This arises from the many years of experience in the fitness industry and the knowledge of what people are seeking in training sessions.

There are many gyms in every town which set clients tasks on the various pieces of equipment and usually leave them to it apart from an “appointment” every six weeks or so. This may suit some individuals but there is no getting away from the fact that the majority work so much better within a group – even when they are not at the same level of fitness as others alongside them.

Activity+ welcomes Trainers who remain among the clients using their keen eyes to help each individual to get the most out of each and every exercise whilst helping them to enjoy the time spent in the session.

Why the Fitness market?

This is an area which will see the most growth as we keep being told that we must exercise more and eat more sensibly. As these governmental and quasi-governmental messages sink in more people are looking around to see what they can do to fulfil the demands.

Added to these pressures money is tight and it is difficult to cut into the day to day living expenses for the high cost of gym membership. This,however,is where Activity+ Group Fitness Training comes into its own. Activity+ is high quality fitness training for low cost membership.

The Concept

The Activity+ Group Fitness Training concept is simple in its delivery – good, solid exercise with a top rate Trainer without lots of fancy equipment and expensive premises.

The concept includes a system that emphasises exercises based on body weight and existing fitness and agility. Therefore there is no danger to be caused by using external weights or attempting to accomplish movements that are not possible at that time for that individual. This also means that as the individual’s fitness improves so the exercises will be taken a step further.

Activity+ does not operate “boot camps” which apart from frightening away people can actually cause injury to the unwary.

Activity+ Group Fitness Training is all about motivation and encouragement for individuals of all levels and abilities.

Who is Activity+ Group Fitness Training aimed at

Clients are looking for value for money in their fitness training as well as everything else in life at the moment – and good value is what Activity+ provides.

People are no longer looking for gyms which provide pools,saunas,fantastic changing rooms with showers. They are not going to use all these facilities so why should they pay for them.

Most people look to work out once or twice a week. They are quite happy to arrive ready dressed for the session and go home for their shower.

What they are looking for is a great work out with someone right there guiding them through it.

What’s in it for you?

  • The backing support of Activity+ team

  • Logo, brand, marketing templates, operations system
  • The main Activity+ website

  • Protected licensee website for all information,ideas and articles

  • Ongoing training and support

  • Individual websites for each Licensee

  • Online collection of members’ Direct Debits

  • Licensees can develop as many locations in their areas as needed without extra payment.