Unqualified Licence Holders

Activity+ business for non fitness professionals

Not qualified but want a fitness business?

There are a couple of ways to go about this. The first is probably the most obvious. You could get yourself suitable qualifications. It is possible to study intensively with one of several highly reputable training companies. This can be achieved in as little as two or three months. This will of course be quite a high cost. If you can afford it,this would be a good route to take.

Another way would be to set up the business as owner and have qualified Trainers running the sessions for you. It would be necessary to impress upon these Trainers the importance of following the Activity+ method. This could be a little difficult in that the Trainers understand fitness instruction and may feel that they know better than you. However,you will know how you want the sessions run and it is your business and you will want them to comply with the terms of the licence agreement.

Impress upon Trainers that they are going to be paid very well for their efforts. Many people in the fitness industry are only paid the national minimum wage and you are offering way more than that.

The Manual includes the payment structure for Trainers because this usually comes up for most Activity+ business owners when they have set up their first Location and want to move on to the next. The difference for you will be that you will start this from the beginning. The consequence of this will mean that it will take longer for you to achieve the annual six figure income.

In the end it is your decision to make.