Training Kit

Different training kit is required for outdoors and so should be carefully thought out. First you are the best person to know whether you feel the heat or the cold. Listed below are some of the items you may find useful.

Tee Shirt.

A short sleeved tee shirt is a good choice for the warm times. Long sleeves are more appropriate for the cooler parts of the year. Long sleeves are also good if you want to prevent sunburn and will also offer more warmth during rain even if the day is not particularly cold.

Shorts / Leggings

In good weather shorts give great freedom of movement. There is a great deal of choice these days. Lycra moves with you like a second skin. If you choose conventional shorts please make sure that they come with an inner or wear cover all pants or knickers (to save the blushes of others)

There are also a whole range of leggings which will help keep you warm and also cover the legs of those who feel uncomfortable about displaying their legs.

Also worn are jogging bottoms which offer warmth and comfort.

Good quality trainers

With these you are not after street cred or making a fashion statement. The right trainers for you will help to support and cushion your feet. For all year round use it will be worth while looking for a good grip. You may find that trail running trainers will offer what you are seeking.

Sports Bra

Many women find that wearing a sports bra is really beneficial when preventing that bouncing which can cause such discomfort.

For the extremities

Gloves to keep those fingers warm. Cold fingers can make you miserable and detract from the effort you are trying to make.

Beanie hat to keep the warmth in. While you are working and getting up a sweat your head will let it out. Keep it in with a hat.


All manner of jackets are on offer to keep you warm or dry (or both) Cool or showery days need a thin showerproof which will prove good enough to the cold out but be light enough not to hamper you. A good fleece is useful to have on before and after the session.

Keeping kit dry and clean when not in use

Bring along a large,clean bin bag. You will be able to put all your bits and pieces and discarded clothing in this as you go along. It is big enough for you to put plenty in and to keep everything out of the rain and also off the mud which is often part of the park environment.


You will also need to bring a bottle of water each and every time you come. It doesn't need to be purchased as a bottle of water. Just get a plastic bottle and fill it from the tap at home.

You may also wish or need to have a post training snack such as a protein bar, a shake or a banana.